2 Minute Tutorial: Add a Facebook Button to Your Sidebar

Visit Type in your own Facebook Page URL (hint: visit your fan page on facebook and then copy the URL from the address bar). Uncheck the option to “Show Friends’ Faces.” Optional: enter a Width like 200 or 300 to ensure that the button will fit nicely into your sidebar. Click “Get Code.” Choose […]

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Warning: Facebook Fan Page Admins – It’s Time for Timelines!

New timeline profile images are 180px square.

This post is a VERY IMPORTANT read for anyone who administers a facebook fan page for your business or brand! If you haven’t heard already, facebook announced last week that the Timeline layout – which has been an optional update to a facebook user’s personal profile for some time now – will be pushed to […]

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Thoughts on Search Advertising

Using Google AdWords to run your online advertising campaign appears to be easy enough. Just create your account, set your budget, create your ads, select keywords that match your ads to potential customers – and off you go. The advantages are many, not the least of which are the ability to target your ads to […]

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