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Aghhhh Comment Spambots

It’s not your fault, really. It happens to all of us. Comment spam is a pervasive problem in the modern web, and CMS systems like WordPress are especially susceptible, since so many people use them. For some reason, so-called “SEO Experts,” usually from overseas, are sending tons of comment spam out to websites in hopes […]

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Graphics Demystified: Vector vs. Raster

Have you ever worked on a logo design project, only to receive an EPS file back from your graphic designer who then explained that it is a “vector” image format? Have you wondered what the terms “vector” and “raster” even mean? Why should you use one format over another, and what software programs can you […]

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Social Media Visibility Tip: Facebook Thumbnails

You want your brand to be seen, right? You spend time and money developing the perfect logo and brand color scheme, so why not make it visible when someone shares your page on social sites like Facebook, Digg, and Technorati (for blogs)? Here’s a quick tip on how to increase your visibility by adding a […]

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