Red Hot Website Design

Our client Dottie Lux of Red Hots Burlesque posted this sweet status to her facebook profile: “Some *very* exciting changes happening at ! Thank you to Amy Pospiech at Color & Code for making it so easy for us to learn how to do updates…”

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HTML Color Scheme Chooser

Ever needed to generate HTML color codes for web design? The HTML color wizard below will generate HEX color codes — the kind of color code used in web design — and is a great tool to help you pick out cohesive color combinations for your blog or website, especially when choosing colors for your […]

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Featured Client: Elizabeth Miller

We began working with Ms. Miller in July as she was starting nearly from scratch with a new business idea and little more than a domain name registered with Her site’s content, brand identity, and marketing ideas were in draft form or buried inside her own head. It was a pleasure to work with […]

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