/Featured Client: Elizabeth Miller

September 8th

We began working with Ms. Miller in July as she was starting nearly from scratch with a new business idea and little more than a domain name registered with WordPress.com. Her site’s content, brand identity, and marketing ideas were in draft form or buried inside her own head. It was a pleasure to work with Ms. Miller from such an early phase and, within five weeks, to launch a full-fledged website and Facebook presence according to her vision. It was especially exciting to witness such tangible results, including:

  • Hundreds of visitors to the site within the first month of launch
  • Thousands of page views on the site with multiple pages viewed per visit, a sign of visitor engagement
  • 133 Facebook fans as of this writing
  • Ms. Miller’s first sale originating from e-commerce

In addition, Ms. Miller has repeatedly received positive feedback from her website and fan page visitors.

Everyone who I’ve talked to about my site has been really impressed with the look, logo, etc.
– Elizabeth Miller

Our work with Ms. Miller included migration to a self-hosted WordPress site with search-engine-friendly redirection, creation of a heavily-modified child theme design using the Twenty Eleven base theme and unique graphic design elements, logo design according to Ms. Miller’s specifications, color scheme and font selection, style sheet modifications for optimal margins and padding throughout the site including comment form styles (a common complaint among users of the Twenty Eleven theme), as well as suggestions for site structure and organization.

Last but not least, we created a Facebook fan page including graphic elements, advertising strategy and implementation through Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, and conducted administrator training.

Thanks to Ms. Miller’s own hard work and dedication beyond the hours of her full-time work week, she has also been featured in a number of guest blog posts and has received links back from other websites in her niche around the web. Stop by her website at http://matchpointtravel.org and her fan page at http://www.facebook.com/matchpointtravel to see what she’s been up to lately.

We look forward to watching Ms. Miller and her new business prosper in the months to come!

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