2 Minute Tutorial: Add a Facebook Button to Your Sidebar

Visit Type in your own Facebook Page URL (hint: visit your fan page on facebook and then copy the URL from the address bar). Uncheck the option to “Show Friends’ Faces.” Optional: enter a Width like 200 or 300 to ensure that the button will fit nicely into your sidebar. Click “Get Code.” Choose […]

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25 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Graphic Designer

With so much time spent engaging electronically, people are becoming increasingly visual—but far less attentive. As a small business owner, this must influence the way you communicate with your customers. Your message is no longer enough; it needs to be delivered in a dazzling and delightful manner. That’s where professional graphic design can help. The […]

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What is a Bleed, and Does it Hurt?

I laughed out loud when I read that heading in the article I’m about to share with you, and you will too after you know what a “bleed” is in the context of the printing industry. As a business owner working on a print project, terms like “bleed,” “safe zone,” and “trim area,” sound a […]

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