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February 16th
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Through our partnership with WordPress Help Live, I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with Dr. Marvin Sadovsky when he needed some help getting started with his WordPress site. In the offline world, he was already a well-respected author and sought-after speaker in his management consulting field. In the online world, he’d experimented with a few other Content Management Systems (CMS) but decided to make the move to WordPress to share his ideas with a larger audience. He just needed a little advice on getting found online (search engine optimization), and best practices within this new blogging software.

Making Progress

In the time since our first meeting, he’s really hit the ground running with plenty of content throughout his pages, reflecting his expertise in the subject area and landing him on the first page of Google for some of his target keywords. He also has several books available on Amazon related to his website, which he now links to through blog posts and widgets in his site’s sidebar. Even without a physical product to sell, Dr. Sadovsky has created this knowledge product — a popular and proven strategy to generate revenue from a Web site.

Volumes 1-3 of Dr. Sadovsky’s eBook series “How to Sell and become a Natural Closer”
Looking Forward

I admire Dr. Sadovsky’s personable nature, which comes through in both verbal and written communication. I look forward to hearing about his successes in the online marketing world, which I’m sure will mirror his real-world accomplishments. Although his primary goal for our one-on-one training sessions was to learn the in’s and out’s of WordPress administration, we hope he comes back soon for an eBook cover design or maybe a web site brand and identity package (in which we’d feature some of his beautiful photography of wild horses).

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