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A WordPress Theme by Color & Code

Our client Christy was just beginning her photography business in the vicinity of Virginia beach when she approached us about working together. She wanted something that would visually reflect her laid-back personality and feminine flair. She enjoys both vintage and shabby chic style, but wanted something that still looked modern and fresh, and not too girly.

Her online inspiration included many Flash-based sites which are not easily updated or compatible with most mobile devices such as smartphones. She was just experimenting with a Blogger blog, and mentioned wanting to build a client portal later down the line. We felt that WordPress would be a good starting point which would allow plenty of flexibility in adding more advanced features later on, as well as ease of updating and incredible opportunities for customization.

We first designed her a custom logo and then this WordPress theme to get her business off the ground. This project involved extensive theme modification including custom fonts, a front page layout template, and overall unique graphic design with custom hand-drawn features.



Grown in San Francisco, CA.

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