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Carb Light LivingTM

A WordPress Theme customized by Color & Code

We first began working with Joann Mercer while she was using a free WordPress.com blog. At first, her concerns were more structural (e.g. when should she use “tags” vs. “categories,” and how should her site be organized?). We conducted several training sessions to get her comfortable with the WordPress dashboard, so that she could begin providing a steady stream of updates to her subscribers.

Within a month of launch she realized that a more flexible, self-hosted solution would be necessary to make some aesthetic changes to the look and feel of the site. We guided her through the process of selecting a hosting provider and a package, and then transferred her site with its current “theme” and all of its existing content, and added new plugins to provide similar functionality as her old site. The process was seamless to her subscribers, and we established a redirect to ensure that no traffic would be lost between her old blog and her shiny new carblightliving.com domain name.

After the transition was complete, we designed the logo and developed a color scheme to ensure that the Carb Light Living™ website would be memorable and attractive to its visitors.

Finally, we worked with Joann on a facebook marketing strategy, including the visual design of her page, and a Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising campaign which has generated her thousands of highly-engaged fans in just a few months. We have also designed two custom tabs, one featuring Joann’s Amazon web store (aStore) integrated into her facebook page, another featuring a fan-only coupon code, which requires fans to “like” her page before receiving the discount.


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