/Stuff We Love

Here are some of our tools of the trade. Secrets. Products and services we love and want to blab about. Secrets are no fun anyways.

Artsy Fartsy

  • Colour Lovers: a friendly community of colorful people with some pretty nifty tools for creating new color palettes and naming random colors. Amy created these.

Organizing / Productivity

  • Shoeboxed.com: receipt and business card scanning which helps us stay organized and on top of our taxes.
  • Evernote: don’t know how we ever lived without it. Give your brain a rest sometimes and use this awesome service to keep track of to-do’s, moments of creative inspiration, and scraps of code.

Web Hosting

  • 1&1: we host most of our clients here. Reliable, easy-to-use interface, and great prices which include e-mail accounts and everything you need to run your small business or WordPress site.
  • GoDaddy: most people have heard of them because of their advertising campaign with Danica Patrick. Their new WordPress packages are priced fairly — most users will be fine with the Economy hosting, which also includes email (some packages don’t).

Note: some affiliate links contained above. We are impartial in our recommendations but don’t mind the extra income, either.


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