/Personal Branding Consultation

Personal Branding Consultation

A positive personal brand in the online world is invaluable to an individual.

Think: more interest from recruiters and hiring managers within your social networks, requests for interviews and your expertise, leads for your business through personal contacts that follow you online, and website visitors who stumble upon you and then follow up with a contact. All of these situations generate more opportunities for you, and with these opportunities you’ll be able to advance your career in the direction you choose — whether it’s to work on an exciting project at your current job, or to find a new one with a higher salary.

At Color & Code, we have personal branding experts on our staff who can help with everything from writing your resume, to managing your online reputation in a way that reflects your unique abilities, aspirations, and personality. Please call us today at (707) 932-5570 for a FREE initial consultation, where we will help you clarify your career as well as lifelong goals, and discuss how we can help you meet them.

In addition, we provide website design and hosting for individual homepages in our Building Personal Branding Network, allowing you to start carving out your own niche on the web. It begins with a customized homepage that speaks to your personal brand. For a live demo of some of our websites, and full listing of benefits, visit this page.

Don’t let another day go by where you are not proactively managing and building your personal brand. Contact us today to find out what you can do NOW to build your brand equity for years to come.


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