/"Bass Cabaret" Branding and Online Marketing

Bass Cabaret

Brand Identity Design and Marketing Strategy by Color & Code

We first began working with Bass Cabaret in February 2012. The concept is unique: an electronic music dance party, accompanied by exciting live performances in a circus arts / vaudeville style. A logo design was the first step to creating a brand identity that would reflect this interesting nightlife event.

The next step was to design a quickly-loading homepage, which prominently features a custom player for a promo video hosted on YouTube. When the user clicks “play,” the curtain animates open. At the end of the video, the curtain closes and the icon changes to “play again.” This type of interactive design / UX was an incredibly rewarding one for Color & Code to develop, using creative approaches to modern web design to deliver delightful experiences to potential party-goers, press, and users with a skeuomorphic nod to traditional cabaret.

Other work has included extensive social media work including content development for status updates, profile page designs for twitter and facebook, code for custom landing tabs on facebook, event page designs, event submissions to online media sites, and PPC advertising campaigns with conversion tracking. In addition, Color & Code has developed promotional materials for each party (about one every three months) including flyers, merchandise, Eventbrite page design, and more.


Grown in San Francisco, CA.

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