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Graphics Demystified: Vector vs. Raster

Have you ever worked on a logo design project, only to receive an EPS file back from your graphic designer who then explained that it is a “vector” image format? Have you wondered what the terms “vector” and “raster” even mean? Why should you use one format over another, and what software programs can you […]

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Free Blog vs. Hosted Website: Evaluating the Options

Transfer your blog to a Self-Hosted Website for Greater Flexibility

When creating a website or a blog for the first time, one of the first questions to answer is whether to go with a free blogging service such as, Blogger, or Tumblr, or a self-hosted Content Management System (CMS) such as, Joomla!, or Drupal. There are pros and cons to each option, and […]

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Thoughts on Search Advertising

Using Google AdWords to run your online advertising campaign appears to be easy enough. Just create your account, set your budget, create your ads, select keywords that match your ads to potential customers – and off you go. The advantages are many, not the least of which are the ability to target your ads to […]

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